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Dust mop or vacuum your marble, granite and stone first on a regular schedule. Wet mop your floor with a safe neutral stone detergent. To keep stone and grout surfaces dirt free, always use a clean string cotton mop. Never place glasses or bottles that contain acidic beverages, plants directly on stone. Always use a place mat or glass clusters to avoid glass rings from glasses, perfumed bottles, coffee, etc. Some soaps and shampoo are also highly alkaline. Use a soap tray when possible. Try to purchase bars of soap and shampoos that are pH balance (7) meaning neutral.

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All stone should be sealed prior to grouting especially limestone, tumble marble, and some granite to avoid grout from sticking to the surface or any staining from grout. Stone should be sealed every ten years depending on the stone with an impregnator! Always wash the surface after the sealer application. Amalfi #25 is ideal to seal any stone surface, including Terra Cotta, grout, etc. Ask your local distributor for the product of their choice.

NOTE: The surface must be free of debris first and cleaned before being applying any sealers or enhancers on the stone.
Marble, Granite, Tumble Marble, Limestone surfaces should be cleaned and detailed after installation to eliminate Grout Hazing, scratches, and glues. Always apply at least 2 coats of the impregnator. Always apply at least 2 coats of the impregnator. Call us for a FREE estimate at 908-419-3801 or email us at Amalfi Marble

NOTE: Never use waxes on stone.
The answer is no. Vinegar is acidic and will etch the marble and other stones. Always use a neutral cleaner. Amalfi #5 can be used to clean floors. Ask you local distributor for the product of their choice. Do not use commercial cleaners such as Top Job, Softscrub, Ajax, Lysol, etc. They will dull, scratch, and/or etch your marble and stone.
Stone should be restored and polished if scratches appear on the surface. Restoration will eliminate any scratches or dullness. This should be done every seven (7) years, depending on traffic patterns, if needed. Polishing is needed on High Traffic areas every 3 years.
Oil and Grease- These can be removed by mixing mineral spirits or methyl chloride and a poultice which can be purchased at a hardware store.

Rust- Use a rust remover, jelly poultice or oxalic acid.

Smoke, Organic Organic Stains- Stains caused by smoke can be eliminated by using an alkaline cleaner or hydrogen peroxide 40% which can be purchased at a beauty supply stores.

Grout Haze- THINSETS- Amalfi #15 Cream Formulation on Hone surfaces only. For polished surfaces hire a professional stone restorer only.

Biological Stain- Bleach mix with a poultice.

Ink Stain- Poultice with hydrogen peroxide 40%. Remember to use acetone or lacquer thinner on darker colors.
Whether you buy Marble, Granite, Tumble Marble, it really doesn't matter since every stone has a purpose that can be used in any part of the home or business depending on traffic patterns.

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Grinding a stone floor is to be done once in a lifetime and it is done only if the installation was done improperly, such as the tiles having been laid unevenly.
Restoring and refinishing of marble, granite and stone is an art. Stone restoration involves "Honing" which eliminates the scratches and etching that dulls the stone surface. Small diamond pads which are used for abrasive purposes. They start from #46 up to 8500 grits, The diamond eliminates the scratches.

A polishing compound and a buffing pad are used to apply friction to bring the natural refraction of marble, granite, and stone.

**NOTE: There is no dust in the restoration, grinding or polishing process.**

The nature of Marble, Granite and Stone's glossy finish has nothing to do with coating or waxes.

Stone shines for many years if properly maintained as follows. Always use a Ph7 detergent such as Amalfi detergent or ask your tile store for the product of their choice. Call us for a free estimate at 908-317-3300 or email us at Amalfi Marble

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