Preserving New Marble and Stone

  • After installation we strongly recommend you clean, hone, seal or polish your new floor, walls, counters or bath for greater protection.
  • Our professional service will leave a smooth, even reflection and will eliminate glue, excess grout and minor scratches.
  • As a rule, you should always seal stone surfaces.
  • Ask your installer about sealing stone prior to grouting.
  • Also available is a color enhancing process for tumbled marble, slate and rough stone.
  • Depending on the stone, have your floor professionally cleaned, sealed, honed and polished every 5-10 years.
  • For daily maintenance, always use a quality stone cleaner. Amalfi offers a full line of quality stone cleaning products.


We specialize in restoring and refinishing stone surfaces. We are experts in all the processes that protect and enhance the longevity and natural beauty of your surface, including cleaning, honing, grinding, polishing and sealing limestone, stone, marble and tumbled marble.

Cleaning Products

We also offer a complete line of cleaners for daily maintenance of your stonework to keep it looking beautiful every day. Our Amalfi cleaners are specially formulated to clean marble, tumbled marble, limestone, slate, granite, ceramic and other surfaces safely. Proper maintenance will ensure the continued elegance of your distinctive, natural stone.

Affiliate Program

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